Welcome to UX Psychology! This space is dedicated to the fascinating intersection of user experience and psychology. Here, I'll unravel how our brains interact with the digital world and provide practical guides on conducting impactful research and data analysis. My goal is to publish a new story once a week.

You might recognise my writing from Medium, where my articles such as “Why do users hate redesigns” and “How to optimize button microcopy” were featured on UX Collective. However, due to an unexpected account suspension, I've decided to bring my insights to Substack. In this new, uncensored environment, I will republish my most popular pieces, share fresh insights, and highlight the brilliant work of others that inspire me.

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Now, a little bit about me.

I'm a UX Researcher with a PhD in Cognitive Psychology. Before immersing myself fully in UX, I spent my days as a university lecturer specialising in Cognitive Psychology and human-computer interaction. My journey doesn't stop at academics and UX, though—I'm proudly on the spectrum and celebrate diversity in all its forms 🏳️‍🌈 ♾.

Join me as we dive into the mind's role in UX, and let's explore how a deeper understanding of human cognition can help us build better digital experiences. Subscribe today1 and become part of a community dedicated to the meaningful blend of psychology and UX.

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UX researcher, cognitive psychologist, science communicator, street photographer, amateur baker. I like wearing multiple hats! (she/her)